• How Do You Maintain Quality?

Noi Group A.Ş guarantees organic integrity and highest quality and food safety standards for its full product range. Food safety and quality programs lead by our dedicated Quality Assurance team verify all links of the supply chain to ensure the integrity of our products.

  • Which Packaging Types You Offer?

We mostly ship our products in bulk cartons or kraft bags. Goods are shipped with or without pallets, stretched and shrink-wrapped according to the buyers request.

For some of the items we also have Retail Pack and Private Label offers. Due to packaging materials and labor used, minimum order quantity is higher for retail packed products. You can contact us to learn more detail about packaging options for each product and also minimum order quantities.

  • What Are Your Sales Conditions?

You can see all details about Noi Group’s sales conditions in pdf format at General Terms and Conditions of Supply

  • Do You Accept Mixed Container Loads?

Yes! As you may know, most of the Turkish products in our range grow in different regions of Turkey. If you are not placing an order of full containers for each item, it may be complicated for you to collect all the goods in one place and load in same container.

Noi Group, we are able to combine all of the items for you from different locations and load them in one container, which will optimize freight costs for you.

Even if you have orders from other Turkish suppliers, we can still combine them with your order.